OpenAI Bot Remains Undefeated against World's Greatest Dota 2 Players

Elon Musk CEO of Space Exploration Technologies Corp

The robots are coming for the human race, and they're going to turn us into fleshy batteries. which is totally cool if it means I get to come back as an impossibly handsome jiu-jitsu master.

Artificial intelligence took a step forward last night, at an annual tournament for players of the tactical wargame Defense of the Ancients 2. And it doesn't take too long to learn, either; OpenAI's creation can beat regular Dota 2 bots after an hour of learning, and beat the best humans after just two weeks.

Or, as Musk puts it, to ensure that AI doesn't grow unchecked and become the death of humanity. Earlier in the week, OpenAI reported that their bot beat both Sumail, the current 1v1 champion, and Arteezy, another of the world's best mid lane players. And rather than attempt a third round, Dendi surrendered.

The next big step for the project is to create a team of five that can compete against a full squad at next year's global, according to OpenAI.

At an e-sports tournament hosted by Valve, OpenAI's bot managed to defeat pro gamer Danylo Ishutin, more commonly known by alias Dendi.

"This guy is scary", Dendi repeated during play as the bot whittled down his health.

Greg Brockman, Open AI co-founder and chief technology officer, explained the team's methods in a YouTube video posted Friday.

Then, Brockman said, it was time to put the bot to the test at The International, which is Dota 2's world championship.

It's not only Google's AI that has the potential to defeat humans in their own game. You can build a pitching machine that throws flawless fastballs all day long, and probably a batting machine that hits them out of the park, but building a team of robotic baseball players is a completely different story.

Success in Dota requires players to develop intuitions about their opponents and plan accordingly. In the full 5v5 game, there are thousands more variables than in the stripped-down version - so Musk's quick cry of victory is obfuscating the actual achievement a bit.

This isn't the first time a bot has made waves in the gaming world.

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