Seth Meyers Rebooting The Munsters for NBC

Lloyd Bishop  NBC

Jill Kargman is going from being an Odd Mom Out to helping to craft the upcoming The Munsters reboot - and she's getting a little help from Seth Meyers.

Kargman will also write the script. Sethmaker Shoemeyers will executive produce, as will Mike Shoemaker.

Now in development, The Munsters reboot is said to be inspired by the original series, but will relocate the setting of the show from California to Brooklyn, New York, where the oddball family will try to fit in among hipsters.

The reboot train is still rolling, and NBC is giving the Monster Mash one more try. It reteamed Fred Gwynne, who played 151-year-old laboratory creation Herman Munster, with Al Lewis, who played the ancient vampire Grandpa, from the '50s comedy vehicle 54 Where Are You?

The original series aired for two seasons and 70 episodes from 1964-1966.

"The Munsters" will get a reboot on NBC with the help of Seth Meyers, Variety reported Thursday.

Of course that time seems to be now, with the new show to revert back to the half-hour format that "The Munsters" originally took on. That green-lighted comedy series features a cynical Ivy League professor who loses out on his dream job and goes to work as a high school biology teacher where he imposes his unorthodox teaching style and uses the kids to plot his revenge.

In 2012, NBC ordered a remake of the '60s sitcom from Bryan Fuller called Mockingbird Lane.

Though reboots have become increasingly popular in the television scene as of late, NBC's success with reviving once-dormant series has been hit and miss. Herman was married to Grandpa's daughter Lily, played by Yvonne De Carlo. Now, it appears that the promise NBC's chief Bob Greenblatt made in 2013 to bring The Munsters back is finally happening.

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