IPhone 8 to let users silence notifications with a glance

HomePod firmware Leak tips iPhone 8 5.8-inch Screen

Tipster Benjamin Geskin has shared photos of the dummy units of the iPhone 8 dipped in Copper Gold.

iPhone 8 Part of the same software dump from Apple may have leaked details on the size of the upcoming iPhone 8's screen.

The iPhone 8 will be launched at the same time as other iPhones.

Gone are the antenna lines, as the iPhone 8 will be the first iPhone since the iPhone 4s to feature a glass shell on the back. Today, we'll look at that and other Apple Rumors for Friday. The inclusion of a glass back should lend a more premium feel to the new handset, and you just can't beat an edge-to-edge screen.

As you can see from the image above the black iPhone 8 model is entirely black, while the copper gold iPhone 8 model features a copper gold band, the white iPhone 8 model features a silver band, and the black model features a black band.

Speculation about if the iPhone 8 will be ready in time for its September release remain up in the air.

Similarly to the original iPhone SE, the new version would also come with the upgraded chip found in the iPhone 7. For me, this is where the iPhone 8 surges ahead of the iPhone 7.

As a result, he warned iPhone 8 'will not be cheap'.

We've previously heard plenty of rumours about the iPhone 8 ditching the physical Home key due to its vast expanse of edge-to-edge OLED display real-estate, and we've also heard about the so-called "Function Area" which is said to be a specific portion of the display dedicated to taking on the Home key role, as well as, as the title would suggest, a series of functions.

But Kuo said the company was able to alleviate supply chain issues and will enter the product verification stage this month. Despite being in mass production, there are still shortages expected.

He only expects between 35 and 38 millions iPhone 7s units to be produced along with 18 to 20 million iPhone 7s Plus units.

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