Nisar rubbishes rumours over his absence from Nawaz's rally

Filing of nomination papers for by-elections in NA-120 begins

"Nawaz Sharif is still our prime minister", said worker Niaz Ahmad, who wore a lion costume, and chanted, "Lion, Lion!" referring to the election symbol of Mr Sharif's political party. Normally, it takes up to five hours from Islamabad to Lahore while driving on the Grand Trunk Road but Sharif's convoy may take around two days, according to organisers.

Despite the security threat to Sharif's rally, "there is no change in the plans", Punjab government spokesman Malik Mohammad Ahmed said.

"There are no allegations of corruption against me", Sharif told the crowds from inside his bulletproof vehicle.

Leader of Pakistan Peoples Party Qamar Zaman Kaira has asked ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif to inform the people about the name of the conspirator that planned his removal from the office.

Sharif spoke briefly to his supporters at Sohawa while en route to the city of Jhelum, a city some 120 kilometers from Islamabad where he is expected to address a large rally.

Supporters of former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif crowd around his auto as his convoy leaves Islamabad, Pakistan August 9, 2017.

Pakistan and Afghanistan will work together to defeat terrorism and ensure security and stability in the region, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said. "We will do this in the interest of Pakistan", he said, claiming that there was "not even a single allegation of corruption".

The rally came a day after Sharif said he was determined to go to his home despite Monday's truck bombing in Lahore, in which two people were killed.

Mr Sharif had initially announced that Mr Abbasi will be appointed as interim premier until his brother Shahbaz is elected as a member of Parliament to become premier.

Addressing a public gathering at Nasir Bagh on Tuesday, AML head Sheikh Rashid said that Nawaz's rally will put lives of common people in danger, adding that ousted PM will be responsible if any incident happens.

Sharif criticized the investigators in the probe against him and his family, saying "our worst opponents were part of the JIT (Joint Investigation Team)" which was appointed by the Supreme Court earlier this year.

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