Valve Announce Artifact, a Card Game That's Definitely Not a MOBA

Enlarge  Want more info on Valve's upcoming card-battling game Artifact? Too bad! All you get for now is this

While the teaser trailer has mentioned the release timeline for the Artifact card game as 2018, it doesn't share any other piece of information about the upcoming video game. It's a digital card game based around Dota 2.

Artifact will feature all sorts of new gameplay options based off Dota. Since that game, we've now seen similar attempts to capitalize on popular fantasy franchises in gaming with The Elder Scrolls: Legends (Skyrim), Gwent (The Witcher), and Chronicle (Runescape).

Alternative headline: Valve have announced a precision device for hoovering up money called Artifact.

So far as that goes, it's important to remember that quite a few of the folks who helped shape Valve single-player games of the past are no longer with the company.

Valve has announced a new game but unfortunately it's not the game that some fans have been hoping for. We want to know what your say is on the matter. There have also been rumors in the previous year or so that Valve is getting ready to make Steam better on mobile devices. Certain cards also have persistent effects on the lanes themselves. It has not, however, released a new game since the VR minigame collection The Lab in 2016.

Most of the annoyance with Valve seems to be about it not releasing games many people seem to feel entitled to.

Brad Muir, the former Double Fine designer behind Massive Chalice and Iron Brigade, is involved in the development of Artifact.

The use of the term "trading card game" is interesting, as most digital card games don't have trading and refer to themselves as "collectable card games" instead.

As reported by Polygon, Artifact differs from traditional card games in that it involves three boards.

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