Taylor Swift's $1 lawsuit against a DJ fronts court

Taylor Swift in court over groping case

In the opening statements, David Mueller's attorney discussed how his client had his life ruined by the allegations, and how he'd lost his dream career over something he didn't do.

Ms Swift - who was in court on Tuesday - countersued a month later, saying what occurred at the city's Pepsi Center was assault and battery. However, while Mueller is suing her for $3 million, she wants just $1 million in damages. Mueller said the recordings used too much space on his phone and it began to malfunction, so he moved the files to a MacBook.

"That's the one and only story we have to tell you - that Mr. Mueller grabbed her rear end", he said.

"A woman is assaulted. Any woman - rich, poor, famous or not - is entitled to not have that happen".

Swift, who has 85 million Twitter and 102 million Instagram followers, has said in depositions she wants the case to serve as an example to other women "who may resist publicly reliving similar outrageous and humiliating acts". She is expected to testify later in the trial. At the time, Mueller was a host for the 98.5 KYGO-FM morning show.

Her mother, Andrea, seated beside her, teared up at an early mention of the alleged groping incident.

McFarland also suggested that Mueller may have been a victim of mistaken identity and that Swift might be confusing him with another man who was there. Swift, however, did not specifically request that Mueller be fired. Swift said she was "surprised, upset, offended and alarmed" by the alleged incident and Mueller has come forward and said he may have touched her ribs for an estimate of 40 seconds as he tried to jump into a photo.

Mueller's suit didn't seek a specific monetary amount but an expert retained by the ex-radio host determined that almost $3 million was a fair compensation for damages.

A former radio DJ has insisted in court that he did not grope Taylor Swift. She says she is only seeking $1.

Though several fans showed up for the trial, public interest in watching it at the downtown Denver courthouse is lower than expected, according to the Denver Post, which said that public seats to view the trial in an overflow room were handed over to the media. Swift is due to give evidence later this week. Call said that as they talked, Mueller was inconsistent with his details about what had happened during the Red Tour meet-and-greet-and his change in story was part of the reason why he was sacked.

He claims he also accidentally damaged at least 4 other devices that may have contained evidence.

Baldridge asked the jurors.

"Mueller absolutely unequivocally denies he put his hand under her skirt and grabbed her bottom or touched her inappropriately", McFarland said in court.

In the image, shown to jurors during opening statements, Mueller's hand is behind Swift, just below her waist. "It's not ruffled, rumbled, affected in any form or fashion", he said.

Mueller's testimony will continue into Wednesday.

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