US Jet Takes Evasive Action After Close Call With Iranian Drone

US Navy F  A-18E

An Iranian drone came within 100 feet of a U.S. Navy fighter jet preparing to land on the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier in the central Persian Gulf, a situation the Defense Department described as "dangerous".

An Iranian QOM-1 unmanned aerial vehicle forced the United States aircraft to take evasive action, according to officials.

Earlier this year, a senior commander in Iran's Revolutionary Guards warned the United States that if it designated the group a terrorist organisation, its action could be perilous for U.S. forces in the region. It's the Navy's 13th such run-in with Iranian military forces this year, officials said.

The "QOM-1" drone came within 100 feet below the aircraft and 200 feet to the side of the aircraft.

The jet was still several thousand feet above the Nimitz.

An Iranian drone comes within 100 feet of of a US fighter jet in the Persian gulf, prompting the jet to take necessary action to avoid collision.

A U.S. Navy official told VOA Tuesday the incident was a "single run-in", but the drone had been flying in an area around the carrier for about three hours.

It's unclear whether the drone was armed or if Iranian military officials communicated with the Americans, who say they made repeated radio calls warning the drone's operator to keep away. It did eventually move off.

Earlier, the USNS Invincible, escorted by the British Royal Navy, experienced a close encounter with high-speed attack ships deployed by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, ultimately compelling the U.S. spy ship and her formation to alter her course.

The Persian Gulf is often the site of run-ins between USA and Iranian aircraft and ships.

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