Pressure North Korea to denuclearize — Japan to ASEAN

New Zealand Foreign Minister Gerry Brownlee link arms with members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations ministers and their representatives during a ASEAN-New Zealand ministerial meeting at the Philippine International Convention Cent

Top diplomats of the ten-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have issued a joint statement expressing "grave concerns" over North Korea's nuclear and missile development programs.

The ASEAN-China meeting was part of a flurry of one-to-one meetings held Sunday between foreign ministers from the Southeast Asian bloc and top diplomats from other countries including Japan, the United States, India and Russian Federation.

Ministers from Australia, China, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russia, and the United States will also be in attendance. As an aide to President Roh Moo-hyun, Moon helped craft the so-called "Sunshine Policy", which called for an increase of engagement in the political and economic spheres. North Korea has yet to respond to the overtures. "We are ready to see the North and South resume contacts soon", Wang said. (Mr. Ri, do you have plans to meet with Minister Kang Kyung-wha?) "We have no plans to meet her".

This year, ASEAN also commemorates its 50th anniversary.

The meeting of foreign ministers of the 10-member state ASEAN and Japan here over the weekend discussed critical regional issues such as situations on Korean Peninsula and South China Sea, said Japanese Foreign Ministry Deputy Press Secretary Toshihide Ando. This is the second ICBM they have fired in a month. The leaders of ASEAN countries feel that North Korea's actions could result in a war in the area, which would not be good for ASEAS nations.

The agreed two-page framework is broad and leaves wide scope for disagreement, urging a commitment to the "purposes and principles" of UNCLOS, for example, rather than adherence.

Under the DOC, dispute resolution will be through "friendly consultations and negotiations by sovereign states directly concerned", a position that China stressed in late July by telling ASEAN countries to keep regional outsiders from interfering in disputes.

"Sanctions are necessary but in no way the ultimate objective". China has repeatedly said that while sanctions need to be imposed, they can not bring a final resolution to the North Korea issue, which has to be addressed by talks.

Countries are prohibited from hiring new North Korean labourers, whose earnings are another source of revenue for leader Kim Jong Un's regime.

Trump tweeted that he was very happy with the sanctions, which were unanimously approved by the United Nations Security Council two days ago.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson held a door open for dialogue with North Korea on Monday, saying Washington was willing to talk to Pyongyang if it halted a series of recent missile test launches. It has long accused the United States and South Korea of escalating tensions by conducting military drills.

The UN measures were implemented in order to make it harder for North Korea to make money across the globe. It also prohibits countries from increasing the current numbers of North Korean laborers working overseas, bans new joint ventures with North Korea and any new investment in current joint ventures.

Trump's team has made it clear it wants the worldwide community to put pressure on North Korea, by isolating the country and depriving it of cash in the hopes that Kim Jong Un will put his nuclear weapons program on the negotiating table. He took back the announcement later and said the communique may be made public with other statements on Tuesday.

"It's not that easy but it is a direction we need to work together towards", Wang said of the six-nation talks. He said in Manila on Sunday that Pyongyang should "not do anything unbeneficial towards the global community such as a nuclear test".

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