Gas prices remain unchanged in Las Vegas

Gas prices remain unchanged in Las Vegas

The average price for a gallon of gas in the Shoals was $2.03 last week, according to the survey.

According to AAA Northeast, the average price per gallon has risen almost 11 percent since past year at this time, when gas was $0.23 lower. "Looking behind us however, gas prices have remained in a relatively tight range for the past year, staying within a 30 cent wide range".

The average price of gas in Hampton Roads is $2.17, which is still slightly higher than the state average.

About a month ago, Maryland motorists were paying the lowest gas prices of 2017 and the lowest for the Fourth of July holiday in 12 years, according to AAA.

USA crude oil prices have risen 16 percent from their 10-month low of $42.75 on June 21 to $49.03 per barrel on August 3, according to AAA. Prices in Florida averaged $2.29 per gallon on Sunday, the same as they had been a week before.

Though gas prices are on the incline, Virginia still ranks seventh for cheapest gas around the country. Kansas City, Kan. and Lawrence led the way with 10-cent increases, while Manhattan, Salina and Topeka each rose only one cent from last week. Both the Miami and Pensacola markets saw an average of $2.31 per gallon.

"With summer demand running full steam ahead, drivers can expect prices to continue rising", AAA said in a report published Monday.

Champaign: $2.10/g, down 4.8 cents per gallon from last week's $2.15/g.

AAA found regular selling for as low as $2.15 and as high as $2.53.

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