Spotify is headed to Xbox One

For instance, screenshots of Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb testing the Spotify App for Xbox were posted on the Xbox One Reddit earlier this week; shortly afterwards, a report on The Verge emerged, claiming that insider sources are confirming that a Spotify app is indeed incoming soon.

Sources familiar with Spotify and Microsoft's plans say that a Spotify app for Xbox One is coming soon, and is now being tested internally, The Verge says.

Spotify should soon be available to Xbox players, across both Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles.

It's not clear yet when Spotify will arrive, but it's likely Microsoft will announce a slew of software enhancements when the Xbox One X arrives in November. It might make for a good Gamescom announcement.

As pointed out by VG247, the app has been exclusive to PS4 users for two years now, after Sony struck a deal with the platform.

Though we have no idea what to expect from an Xbox One version of the Spotify app, we have some ideas based on how it works on the PlayStation 4.

Yesterday, someone snapped a picture of an Xbox executive using the Spotify app on Xbox and today, someone else is throwing fuel onto the fire.

Do you or would you use Spotify on your console? Though Groove Music probably won't be leaving the Xbox ecosystem anytime soon, it would appear that Microsoft has chose to open up the platform and allow competitors like Spotify to come on board.

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