Back To School Sales Tax Holiday Underway

Back To School Sales Tax Holiday Underway

With computers returned to the discount list, Florida retailers are readying for back-to-school shoppers this weekend during the state's sales-tax "holiday".

Florida's tax-free holiday begins Friday, August 4th for families searching for back-to-school supplies and clothes.

Retailers are required to participate and may not collect state and local sales or use tax on most footwear and clothing that are sold for less than $100 during the holiday. Most clothing, footwear, school supplies and backpacks priced less than $100.

State Sen. John Eklund said the sales tax holiday is important to OH families trying to stretch their dollars on new school supply purchases.

Over the two-day period, most purchases of tangible personal property will be subject to only three percent state sales tax instead of the full five percent.

This is the weekend to hit the stores for all your back-to-school shopping. Normally, Iowa's sales tax rate is 6 percent. Clothing must be $60 or less per item, and computers must be $750 or less per unit. Because some states actually offer sales-tax breaks on much more than pens and notebooks.

Price limits - The price limits are the highest amount an item can cost while being tax exempt, it does not mean that dollar amount on any item is tax free. The foundation also maintained that large businesses lobby for the holidays as a way to receive free advertising. "Ohio's sales tax holiday adds to that confidence by providing great bargains for everyone in the market for clothes, shoes or school materials", Gough concluded.

Patterson said it's a great opportunity for OH families to save money as they prepare their children for the upcoming school year. They will probably be overwhelmingly busy all weekend and will appreciate it if you provide a dose of compassion and patience.

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