Luann & Tom D'Agostino Split After 7 Months of Marriage

Luann & Tom D’Agostino Split After 7 Months of Marriage

"Real Housewives of New York City" star LuAnn D'agostino released a statement on Twitter confirming she has filed for divorce from Tom D'agostino, her husband of just seven months. Considering the couple's repeated insistence that their relationship was fine, and the fact that faux-drama is par for the course for reality stars, the buzz didn't cause too much concern. Despite doubts from fellow Housewives, Luann told her costars, "I'm totally, 100 percent sure about Tom, and that's all that matters" on the May 24 episode.

The 52-year-old Bravo star took to Twitter on Thursday to announce to her fans that she and Tom had made a decision to call off their relationship. Their New Year's Eve wedding was an extravagant three-day affair that took place in Palm Beach, Florida, and saw several members of the Housewives franchise attend as guests.

"It's with great sadness that Tom & I agreed to divorce", de Lesseps wrote on Twitter.

"I thought Tom was a really nice guy". Luann constantly bickered with them because Ramona and Sonja would bring up the fact they used to date Tom.

"My heart breaks for her. Luann went into this wanting to make it work". His perpetual bachelor behavior was never a secret and the only reason someone marries someone like that in her case is publicity and desperation for fame.

In an interview with ET months prior to their wedding, Luann shared why she chose to take Tom back. "I wish them both the best". They like to do the same things; they like to eat out all the time; they like to be out all the time; they're very sporty.

Tom D'Agostino reportedly grew exhausted of the "reality TV lifestyle" rather quickly and is a pretty "private person" who doesn't appreciate the "celebrity life".

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