Rep. Scalise Calls Into GOP Whip Meeting, Ready to Return

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           Congressman Uses Audio of Colleague Scalise’s Shooting In Misguided Political Ad
       By Sydney Robinson

Doctors at that time said he remained in fair condition. The video then puts him against the "liberal media", when they asked if the situation changed his views on gun rights.

Brooks is now campaigning for one of Alabama's Senate seats in 2018, and the ad clearly demonstrates his position when it comes to gun control.

The ad prompted Scalise's chief of staff Brett Horton to tweet: "The day of the shooting, while waiting at the hospital, I avoided the news/audio/video as much as possible". A spokesman, Chris Bond, said Scalise told the whips "he is looking forward to working through the rehab process and returning to the Capitol once he is ready". "Mo Brooks gives his belt as a tourniquet to help the wounded", the text on the screen of a new campaign ad from the House Republican reads.

Brooks was among the congressmen practicing at the Alexandria, Va., baseball diamond and highlights the experience as he competes in the GOP Senate primary in Alabama, a traditionally conservative state.

An Alabama congressman who survived the shooting that critically injured US Rep. Steve Scalise is using audio of the ambush in a new campaign commercial that promotes his support for gun rights.

A new Senate campaign ad for Rep. Mo Brooks uses audio from last month's shooting at a congressional baseball practice that left Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., gravely wounded. "So no, I'm not changing my position on any of the rights we enjoy as Americans". "This makes my stomach turn". Most recently, an ad from the Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC claims Democrats "destroy buildings, burn cars and divide America" over footage of people smashing windows.

Many of the Republican lawmakers on the baseball field were gun rights supporters, and some had A-ratings from the National Rifle Association.

Brooks is now running against fellow Republicans, Sen.

The special primary election is set for August 15.

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