Abbas urges world governments; Stop Israeli measures in Jerusalem

Jews visit the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Palestinians run away from stun grenades thrown by Israeli border police officers during a protest against the metal detectors placed at the entrance to the Al Aqsa Mosque compound, in the West Bank city of Bethlehem on July 19, 2017.

The three assailants, described as Arab-Israeli men of Palestinian heritage, were killed by security forces near the scene of the attack at the Lions' Gate, which is situated directly northeast of the Temple Mount compound, the Israeli Broadcasting Corp.

According to WAFA, Abbas has made several contacts with world powers to discuss the ongoing Jerusalem tension. As a result, the police started arresting protesters for "disturbing the peace".

The rioters are protesting the new security measures Israel introduced at the holy site in wake of Friday's terrorist attack which left two Israel policemen dead.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Islamic Jihad group, Hamas, and the Umm al-Fahm Popular Committee, a local community organization, echoed those calls on Thursday.

The Waqf, a Muslim religious authority that administrates the compound, rejected the new measures and refused to hold prayers at the mosque.

The assailants were killed by security forces and Israeli authorities briefly closed the compound.

These new security measures have led to a wave of anger among Palestinians, who called for the immediate removal of the metal detectors.

Egypt has repeatedly called for a fair and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that guarantees the rights of Palestinians to have their own independent state.

The return to the site marks the first time that Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount are not under scrutiny by guards for the Muslim Waqf, the Islamic trust that oversees the holy site, since Muslims are boycotting the site over the presence of the metal detectors.

In the past two years, Palestinians have killed 45 Israelis, two visiting Americans and a British tourist in stabbings, shootings and car-ramming attacks. 'I assume that with time they will understand that this is not bad, ' he told Army Radio.

Palestinians say the placement of metal detectors interrupts the status quo at the Temple Mount, which is holy to both Jews and Muslims. Member of Knesset (MK) Ahmed Tibi said the metal detectors should be removed, calling them a provocation that "alters the status quo".

Israel said the closure was necessary to carry out security checks.

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