Body Cameras Turned Off In Fatal Police Shooting Of Bride-To-Be

Body Cameras Turned Off In Fatal Police Shooting Of Bride-To-Be

The Twin Cities law enforcement community finds itself in another deadly shooting controversy just days after St. Anthony police offered a buyout to an officer acquitted in the Philando Castile shooting a year ago [see update] Late Saturday night, a woman who had called Minneapolis police to report suspicious noises in the area got shot and killed while talking to the responding officers.

Damond, formerly Justine Ruszczyk who took her American fiance Don Damond's surname before next month's planned wedding, moved to the United States in 2015 and worked as a spiritual mentor in the Minneapolis area.

Mr Damond's 22-year-old son Zac released a video saying: "Basically, my mom's dead because a police officer shot her for reasons I don't know".

"Next thing I know, they take my best friend's life", he said. "I'm so done with all this violence", he added. "... I know we are all anxious for more information and I will share more details once I receive them".

It has since emerged that the officers involved in the shocking incident did not have their body cameras turned on at the time.

According to witnesses, Justine approached the police squad auto, with Damond talking to the driver when she was shot and killed by the police officer in the passenger seat.

"There are questions like, 'why weren't their body camera's on?"

Ella Davis-Suggs, a friend and student of Justine's, said Justine helped her deal with knee pain without medication.

Sunday evening activists and neighborhood residents gathered near the scene of the shooting for a vigil-identifying the victim as Justine Damond, an Australian national and instructor with the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community.

The killing of Justine Ruszczyk, who used the last name Damond, prompted hundreds of mourners to protest at the site of the shooting Sunday, demanding their questions be answered, according to NBC-affiliate KARE.

"This is very hard time for the Ruszczyk family", Reed said.

Community anger over the shooting is growing, as family, friends and local activists accuse police of a lack of transparency over what happened.

Minnesota's Bureau of Criminal Apprehension were unable to determine why Damond was shot because neither responding officers had their body cameras turned on. He described her as a "very passionate woman". She approached the driver's side door and started talking to the driver.

"There is no way to convey the amount of goodness that was in her", King said.

"We are trying to come to terms with this tragedy and to understand why this has happened", her family said in a statement.

The former Manly High School student was a qualified veterinarian, and taught meditation and life coaching. She also lives in the Fulton area.

"Justine was one of the most loving people you would ever meet". The Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed the news this morning.

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