Amazon possibly working on new stand-alone messaging app called Anytime

Amazon possibly working on new stand-alone messaging app called Anytime

Amazon is allegedly working on a new messaging platform called Anytime, with reports suggesting the company has already started surveying its customers about potential features.

As if the likes of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Wechat and such aren't enough, we could soon be tempted with another messaging app from Amazon. That'll let Anytime pull off the neat stunt of being able to contact a person just by punching in their name. According to the survey, it will allow people to connect with other with out knowing the phone number unlike other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Viber. This will be a problem if nobody you know uses the new Amazon messaging app.

We'll keep an eye on the development and report any new findings as they come out. "Anytime users can put filters to photos and videos they share, mention other users using "@", send stickers and GIFs, and play games.

There can also be options to personalise your chats by adding color codes to conversations or giving nicknames to friends. Things though are still being worked out with Amazon letting only a select group of users to test the app.

According to the screenshots, the Anytime app could include support for messaging, voice, video calls and photo sharing.

The e-commerce and cloud computing giant apparently is developing an app that would take on services provided by Facebook Inc., Apple Inc. and Google Inc.

The only problem is that Amazon has not revealed how exactly it plans to do that, but it has stated that all messages would be encrypted to prevent a person's bank details being accessed by a hacker.

If Amazon really has to kill it, then it has to think about getting into the mindset of customers.

Amazon's messaging app Anytime is expected to be powered by the company's chat service for enterprise users called Chime. CNBC reached out to Amazon for comment but a spokesperson was not immediately available.

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