Abigail From Final Fight Joins the Street Fighter V Roster

Abigail From Final Fight Joins the Street Fighter V Roster

Until now, Capcom has brought in Ed, Kolin, and Akuma for the game's second season. Despite being one of Final Fight's most iconic boss characters, this will mark Abigail's first appearance in a Street Fighter title.

Based on the video, below, Abigail looks like a slow-moving grappler, with moves that absorb attacks from his opponents and what looks like parry.

With all that said, it is now expected that Abigail will indeed be the next character to be included in the "Street Fighter 5" roster via DLC.

Polygon reported that in addition to Abigail, another Mad Gear gang member, Hugo, marked his debut in the "Street Fighter" series with "Street Fighter 3: Second Impact".

As one might imagine, Abigail uses his massive size to his advantage. Further, there is something ridiculous about his character, and he is seen driving an imaginary auto as part of his introduction.

The news was shared at Evolution 2017, and a reveal trailer has also been released to showcase Abigail's fighting prowess. The pass is available for $29.99 and brings five other fighters and a bunch of battle costumes, too.

That said, though, with two more brand new characters left to be announced for Street Fighter 5's Season 2, Q could very well follow the inclusion of Abigail.

What else is new in the Street Fighter 5 DLC?

Abigail with his stage Metro City Bar Area will be up for grabs on July 25.

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