Remains of missing Pennsylvania man found in grave on Bucks County farm


Police searched the Solebury, Pennsylvania, farm owned by 20-year-old Cosmo DiNardo's family after four young men disappeared for three days last week, the Daily Mail reported.

Weintraub said at a Thursday morning news conference that the 121/2 -foot-deep where Finocchiaro's body was found is a common grave for the men.

Bucks County, Pa., police said they arrested a man as they searched for four men who disappeared last week under circumstances a district attorney described as foul play.

A day later authorities came across the macabre discovery of Finocchiaro's remains amongst other human remains.

Jimi Patrick, Tom Meo, Mark Sturgis and Dean Finocchiaro all seemed to vanish without a trace after the Fourth of July, and investigators say all of the men knew each other in some way, including Cosmo DiNardo, the person of interest in the case.

Authorities arrested DiNardo twice after he tried selling 21-year-old Thomas Meo's auto the day after Meo went missing.

Their 20-year-old son, Cosmo DiNardo, was arrested Wednesday for allegedly stealing a auto owned by Meo.

DiNardo was arrested Wednesday for allegedly trying to sell Meo's vehicle for $500 on July 9 - a day after Meo was last seen. Investigators also searched a property in Bensalem that the DiNardo family owns, CBS Philly reports.

SKYFOX was over the DiNardo's New Hope property Tuesday as authorities surrounded around a deep trench, apparently dug with the help of a backhoe, as officers gathered up dirt and ran it through sifters.

Weintraub has said there were indications that some or all of the men knew one another and investigators were working to confirm the extent of any connections.

Patrick has been missing since July 5; the other three have been missing since July 7.

The nation has turned its anxious gaze to rural Pennsylvania where four young men have mysteriously disappeared.

DiNardo tried to sell Meo's Nissan Maxima to a friend, court records show.

Now that man has confessed to killing the four victims.

He was held on a $1 million bond in that case and was released after his parents posted $100,000 cash bail.

July 10: Cosmo DiNardo is arrested on a firearms charge. Meo is a diabetic and his medical equipment and insulin was found inside of the vehicle.

"We are running down every single tip you give us", he said.

It's unclear if DiNardo planned to kill them ahead of time.

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