Truck hauling "slime eels" overturns on OR coast highway

Fire Dist

The containers spilling caused a chain reaction that pushed 4 vehicles into each other.

Police did say there was so much slime on the street because the animals secrete the stuff when they are stressed out. Sad! The accident happened on Thursday afternoon and while no one was injured, the cleanup forced part of the highway to close.

The eels were supposed to be shipped to Korea for consumption.

Although some people refer to hagfish as slime eels, the Oregon Coast Aquarium notes that they're not eels at all.

The rather slimy accident took place on highway 101 just south of Depoe Bay in OR when the truck driver, Salvatore J. Tragale, couldn't stop his vehicle at a highway construction site.

The weird sea creatures emit huge volumes of slime to ward off predators.

Truck acne overturned in OR, prompting a collision of several cars and covering the road with a layer of mucus. He hit the brakes and 7,500 pounds of slime eels shifted in the truck, causing it to tip over, according to CBS News.

An eyewitness, Erin Butler of McMinnville told FOX 12 that the scene was unbelievable.

In the accident one of the drivers received minor injuries.

The hagfish, which is used in Korean cuisine, were on their way to South Korea, officials said.

"In this heat... what is this going to start smelling like in the next few days?" the Oregon State Police tweeted.

Videos on the Depoe Bay Fire District's Twitter account showed crews using fire hoses to scour the road.

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