President Carter returns to Winnipeg's Habitat build

Jimmy Carter speaks to Habitat for Humanity volunteers on Thursday morning before helping with the build

The 92-year-old former president known for his post-presidential humanitarian work was taken to a hospital in Winnipeg as a precaution for rehydration, spokeswoman Deanna Congileo said.

Former president Jimmy Carter was taken to a hospital Thursday for dehydration while in Winnipeg, according to a news report.

Before leaving the build site in an escorted ambulance Thursday, Carter passed on a message to the other workers and volunteers, telling them to "stay hydrated and to keep building".

He and his wife Rosalynn were in Canada this week working with Habitat for Humanity to help build 150 homes in honor of the country's 150th anniversary, with a focus on Edmonton and Winnipeg provinces.

His foundation said Carter was able to attend the 8 am devotional session with the building team on Friday.

JUST IN: Former President Jimmy Carter discharged from the hospital after being treated for dehydration, Carter Center says. He appeared to wobble, so Secret Service agents led him to his motorcade.

Carter and former first lady Rosalynn Carter are the organization's most prominent supporters, and since 1984 have built, renovated or repaired nearly 4,000 homes globally, according to the nonprofit's website.

Roughly 18 months ago, Carter announced that he was free of cancer, a melanoma that had spread as far as his liver and brain. Carter continued to volunteer for Habitat while being treated for cancer, working alongside volunteers at a home in Memphis, Tennessee, in November 2015.

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