Nawaz Sharif dismisses graft report; terms it as slander

Nawaz Sharif dismisses graft report; terms it as slander

The report found the family of living beyond means, concealment of facts and being beneficial owners of multiple offshore companies and recommended initiation of reference against the PM and members of the ruling family in the National Accountability Bureau.

"There is no legal, moral or political justification for him to continue".

Their reason for this allegation: The text in the document was written in "Calibri" font, which was not commercially available before January 30, 2007.

Journalist Mubashir Zaidi said the PM should now write his resignation "in #Calibri font".

A Microsoft spokesman was not immediately available for comment on the history of the font.

The only problem: the document's date is from 2006, but the font of the text used in the document - Calibri - wasn't released until 2007.

"(I) n my opinion the document in question was produced much later", he said.

A cursory glance at the history of Calibri reveals it became the default font on Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and WordPad in 2007. After that, he said, it was used in beta versions that would have required "serious effort" to obtain. The documents date back to 2006, before Calibri was widely available, which raises the possibility they were forged. Later the first betas of Longhorn (codename for Microsoft Vista Operating system) appeared in public.

Lucas de Groot, a Dutch type designer, created the Calibri font, although he is also known for creating the Thesis font superfamily which includes sans-serif, serif and monospaced fonts, and the Consolas font. It also accused that Maryam provided the probe team "fake/falsified documents", which is a criminal offence under Pakistan laws. An official statement issued by the government said the Cabinet had reposed full confidence in the leadership of Nawaz Sharif and endorsed his decision not to step down.

The controversy erupted past year with the publication of 11.5 million secret documents from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca documenting the offshore dealings of numerous world's rich and powerful.

The petitioners had claimed that the prime minister lied about the investments made by his children in offshore companies, which led to the acquisition of four apartments in London s upscale Park Lane neighbourhood. However, Sharif remains to be defiant and rubbishes the claims that his family members have acquired illegal wealth.

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