Man Stuck Inside ATM Rescued After Slipping Customers Terrifying Notes

In 2009 two women had to be rescued after being trapped inside an ATM. Source Shanghai Daily

A contractor hired to change a lock on an ATM vault in Corpus Christie, Texas was forced to send "help" notes through the automatic teller after he became stuck inside.

"Officer Olden says", he leaves his phone in his truck, he's installing a new lock on the door, and he gets locked inside the building where the ATM is".

Finally, one ATM customer took the note seriously and called police. A Bank of America ATM spitting emergency notes with cash and receipts sounded like an absurdly constructed plot of a gotcha live television show.

Since the ATM still works, people were stopping by to get cash, and the contractor chose to slip out notes through the receipt slot stating,"Please Help".

KRIS was able to obtain one of the notes.

"Please help", one read. Please call my boss'. "It's got to be a joke", said Senior Officer Richard Olden. "It's got to be a joke".

"You'll never see this again in your life that somebody is stuck in the ATM machine", Olden said.

In other ATM news, four members of a large NY crime ring pleaded guilty to "skimming" ATM machines in order to steal card details and pin numbers.

In total, the contractor was stuck for two house before his boss arrived, although officers had to resort to kicking the man down to get him free.

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