Britain's repeal bill unveiled

How could they vote for Brexit and limit their children's future so dramatically.

But the battle lines have already been drawn - with Labour and the Lib Dems vowing to grind parliament to standstill.

Bill, the draft legislation is a key plank of the government's Brexit strategy.

Officials do not propose to transfer into British law the EU's Charter of Fundamental Rights, saying everything in the charter will be covered elsewhere. And passing the bill through both houses of parliament all the way up to the queen for royal assent could take a year or more, Leaving just months to incorporate all that legislation so that the statute book continues to function after March 2019 - the date set for Britain's European Union departure.

The vote to leave the European Union was not a mandate for ministers to take rights away from people in the UK.

"They don't have a bulls notion what they are doing", O'Leary said, adding that he wasn't sure how many Britons preferred to spend their summer holidays in Karachi rather than in France, Italy or Spain, the current top destinations for British travelers.

Contentiously, the bill gives the government powers to fix "deficiencies" in European Union law by what's known as statutory instruments, which can be used without the parliamentary scrutiny usually needed to make or amend legislation.

"The Government can not use the Great Repeal Bill to get their way", declared Tim Farron, the former Liberal Democrat leader who resigned from his post after deciding that it was incompatible with his Christian faith.

Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer demanded more parliamentary scrutiny as well as guarantees of workers' rights.

"This debate is not just a quagmire for the government, it is also a political nightmare that could end Theresa May's premiership".

Mr Mundell said that separate legislation would be needed to cover areas such as fishing, farming and immigration and a series of further Bills could also require legislative consent from the devolved administrations.

Her government said the bill is created to ensure that "as far as possible, the same rules and laws will apply on the day after exit as on the day before".

And the TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady called it "a Downing Street power grab".

"Labour wants to work with other countries to build a different Europe, one which promotes human rights and environmental protections, celebrates the positive and complementary contributions of European nations, and where trade is fair and sustainable". But there is nothing in this Bill to stop politicians shredding or watering down our rights in the future.

According to figures compiled by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the scale of this issue is significant, as there are 588,000 underage European Union nationals now living in Britain, 260,000 of whom were born in the UK.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has said she plans to push ahead with plans to withdraw from Euratom, which oversees nuclear activity within the 28-member bloc.

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