Microsoft Launches 'Seeing AI' Talking Camera App for the Blind

Microsoft Launches 'Seeing AI' Talking Camera App for the Blind

As part of that effort, Microsoft has finally released Seeing AI, an app that CEO Satya Nadella first showed off during last year's Build keynote, which uses computer vision and AI to narrate the world for people with visual impairments.

Current features available on the iPhone include all the above, plus the option of scanning barcodes to identify what a product is; the app gives audio beeps to help the user find the barcode on the device, aiding in being independent.

The app can also describe strangers around you.

The app, which is free and available on iOS-only, relies on holding up one's smartphone camera to hear information about the world.

Shaikh, who lost his sight at the age of seven, said last year: "I teamed up with like minded engineers to make an app which lets you know who and what is around you. years ago this was science fiction".

The Seeing AI app is very simple to use. There is no word yet on whether the app will come to Android, Windows 10 Mobile or other countries, or when that might happen.

What's particularly impressive about the app is the breadth of things it can describe. The app is even capable of scanning and reading documents as well as recognizing United States dollar bills.

The app uses neural networks to identify the world around it - the same basic technology that's being deployed all over Silicon Valley, powering self-driving cars, drones, and more.

Microsoft has launched "Seeing AI" a new talking camera app for the blind. "As the research progresses, more channels may be added", the developers say via the app description.

The most important difference between Seeing AI and other similar apps is that most functions, like face recognition, are carried out directly on the device, giving the app a significant speed advantage.

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