Get Ready for Apple's $1200 iPhone 8, Now With 3D Face Detection

			Apple is beating Android where it hurts the most					
		Chris Mills			@chrisfmill

If theses issues aren't resolved in time, Apple might be forced to either delay the iPhone 8 launch or ship it on time with certain features disabled.

There has been a lot of rumors and speculations going around regarding the iPhone 8, which has also been nicknamed as the iPhone X and the iPhone Pro. They knew that some of the features of the device Apple's Steve Jobs was about to introduce didn't yet work.

About a year later, nobody is saying the iPhone 8 will represent a mild update over the 2016 models. But it has only two months to get that critical functionality - needed for everything from unlocking the iPhone to using Apple Pay - working, and perfectly.

The issue isn't the charging station, which is reportedly supplied by U.S. chipmaker Broadcom. (Our source believes Apple is using the Qi wireless charging standard, or a variant of it.) The wireless charging components, which are provided by chipmaker Broadcom Ltd., are not the key issue, the source said; it's the software that's not ready for prime time. The source claims that Apple's software is simply not ready. But this design means the company has to either relocate the Touch ID fingerprint sensor to the back of the new iPhone (as Samsung did with the Galaxy S8), somehow embed it under the OLED display, or replace it with another biometric security method -that 3D sensor. That too has been a worry for Apple, and a potential cause of delays-not because of the quality of the hardware, but because of a scarcity of OLED manufacturing facilities around the world.

The company has precedent for this: the iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode, a headline feature from last year's smartphone launch, used the dual lens camera to blur the background and give photos a DSLR-like style. But even though the hardware modules needed for the feature to work are good to go, the software reportedly isn't up to par yet. If things aren't ironed out in time, the company may release the first batch of handsets with inactive wireless charging hardware and just activate the feature on a future update.

But Business Insider understands it's more likely that Apple won't ship the charging station until it solves the software issue.

An LCD screen is easier and cheaper to manufacture than an OLED display, but it delivers boring pictures.

Coming to a different report by Barron's, it claims that Apple has not yet made its mind about the placement of fingerprint scanner.

iPhone 8 is expected to be Apple's biggest refresh since the introduction of the original iPhone ten years ago.

I also think it makes sense to believe that some of the secrets it didn't discuss (which don't seem to be being speculated upon elsewhere) will have implications on Apple's other solutions, including the iPhone.

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