Facebook Messenger ads to expand worldwide

Facebook enticed businesses to take advantage of a new tool for creating ads for Messenger which it said is used by more than 1

It does make sense for Facebook to try and monetize its Messenger platform, which with its 1.2 billion users is now an untapped pool for ad revenue.

The users will be able to see these ads in the home tab of their Messenger mobile app. Clicking on the ad will lead them to a destination the creator would have selected while making the advertisement. The social networking giant has also tested Click to Message ads in the United States, which appear in Facebook's News Feed but then link to an experience in Messenger.

Although ads on the Messenger home screen are supposed to not distract from the user experience, it's already being criticized online. The ads will use the same targeting as other Facebook ad products, and Facebook says the company does not use the content of messages between people for ads targeting. Talking about the rollout, Chudnovsky in hisstatement said, "We are not going to simply roll out all the ads on the messenger app but rather take things slow". The company plans to "slowly" start showing these ads to more people over time. Facebook is no exception who just started to expand a beta update for its Messenger app, bringing advertisements into the frame.

The beta testing originally began in Thailand and later introduced in Australia as well as many unspecified regions.

Although the home screen ads are supposed to be dynamic, some are just simply too big and takes up nearly two-thirds of the screen.

We've seen a big push of automated bots of all kinds in Facebook Messenger as of late, but now it looks like they're working on tapping into another revenue stream for the platform.

People can hide or report Messenger ads in the same way they can hide or report an ad in the Facebook News Feed or on Instagram. What this means is that you and I will soon start seeing ads on Facebook Messenger's home screen.

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