Valve bans a record 40000 cheaters after the Steam Summer Sale

Screengrab via Crushimz

Valve's Anti-Cheat system banned more than 40,000 Steam users one day after the 2017 Summer Sale ended. It appears that a ton of people were caught up in this as thousands of accounts were just banned. Where, naturally the guise of a sale is a more affordable way to cheat. This looks like it could be the case, since nearly every day after the mass ban, the numbers of people removed from the service has been less than 1,000 a day - normally, it's around 3,000 a day.

The last record Valve ban saw over 15,000 user accounts facing a ban due to cheating previous year in October and the current ban is more than triple this number.

July 5 was the last day of the Steam Summer Sale; subsequently, Valve cracked down on cheaters the next morning, knowing that they'd want to get their game on another account at a discount.

On July 7, the day after the first hit of the ban wave, 954 VAC bans were handed out, while another 735 were delivered on July 9. However, they do not seem to take into account that the system simply calculates and slapped a new ban.

In addition to the 40,411 accounts picked up by VAC, 4,972 were banned in-game for throwing games, griefing or cheating in ways that got around Valve's Anti-Cheat software. All of these accounts end up banned due to it picking up cheating, and that is a lot of accounts per day on Steam that end up banned. When a player is banned by the VAC, they are no longer allowed to join Valve servers, which make their skins and other digital items useless.

Apart from those VAC bans, 4,972 more users were banned.

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