Pokemon GO announces understated goodies for one-year anniversary

Niantic  The Pokémon Company

Various media outlets have been able to report on the week long festivities before they go live later today, with various sites including Serebii reporting that Pikachu fans will be able to add another hat variant to their team and collection - Pikachu with an Ash hat!

To celebrate, developer Niantic and the Pokemon Company have unleashed a special in-game event that will reward all players with a few goodies.

Niantic's John Hanke, in an interview about the game's first year, says that Pokemon GO after one year is about a six months behind the original plan for the game. Both the special Pikachu and the Anniversary Box will be available until July 13th.

The second feature of the anniversary event is the sale of "Anniversary Boxes" which will contain bundles of items like Incubators, Max Revives, Ultra Balls and a Premium Raid Pass. Pricing details haven't been made clear yet.

The main difference between the present Pikachu and the usual electric rat is in the cap of Ash, the protagonist of the animated series of Pokémon. Niantic will also be hosting real-world Pokemon Go events in Chicago, Europe and Japan later this summer.

The locations will include the impressive Chester Castle, which will open its doors to the public for the first time in 20 years.

The Pokemon Go UK Anniversary will take place over the weekend of July 22 and July 23. As a side note, Pokemon GO players have thus far caught a whopping 125 billion Pokemon.

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