Susan Collins: Trump hasn't learned how to work with Congress

President Donald Trump listens in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington Monday

"We need a little more time to work on it to get it done", the Texas Republican told reporters on Tuesday. "And yes, we will vote this week". "We've got to match their ability to corral senators with our ability to foment more public opposition to a very, very unfortunately risky bill".

However, the CBO report does not say that people will voluntarily choose not to buy health insurance simply because they don't like being required to do so. "They won't just be people with addiction, they will be people with mental illness, they'll be people will cancer, they will be people with other chronic diseases and they will all be sitting in the emergency room because there will be nowhere else to go". "I think giving time to digest is a good thing", Republican Senator Bob Corker said after the delay was announced.

The bill, which would roll back much of President Barack Obama's health care law, has been one of the party's top priorities for years, and the delay is a major embarrassment to Trump and McConnell.

As it is, the Senate bill would reduce the federal deficit by $321 billion over the next decade by cutting Medicaid spending and repealing or modifying taxes under the Affordable Care Act - also known as Obamacare, the nonpartisan CBO said.

At least five Republican senators said they had opposed the procedural vote on the GOP health care plan, effectively blocking the bill from reaching the Senate floor. That infuriated McConnell, who called White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus to label the attacks "beyond stupid".

“Everything about this legislation, from the process to the effective dates of numerous provisions, is driven by political expediency, ” said Brian Fallon, a Democratic consultant and former lead spokesman for Hillary Clintons campaign.

Portman's opposition comes a day before Vice President Mike Pence will visit to Cleveland in support of the bill.

The motion is normally a routine procedural move, but its chances were growing increasingly grim due to the Republican intraparty division.

House Republicans were able to pass their bill, thanks to an amendment by Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-3rd Dist.) that attracted support from the most conservative members of their conference.

And Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who remains undecided, said he was meeting privately Tuesday with Florida Gov. Rick Scott and McConnell. McConnell has indicated he would continue negotiations to bump up the vote count.

Democrats held a protest on Capitol Hill Tuesday.

Behind the scenes, staffers for McConnell were trading potential legislative proposals with key offices, and McConnell himself met privately with Sen.

Sen. Pat Toomey helped create this bill in secret. She's always been a question mark on how she'll vote on the bill, and she told CNN Tuesday she was "concerned about the bill in the form that it is now".

Asked later if there needs to be more opioid funding in the bill, Capito said that was just one of the issues.

Johnson described the conversations as helpful but told reporters that he remained opposed to moving forward with the bill "for this week".

But Senate Republicans say the current system is unsustainable. For his part, according to one aide, the message will be clear: A vote against the bill is a vote to maintain Obamacare.

Of the possibility that some Democrats might join their cause, the majority leader said.

President Donald Trump had backed both measures, even though they violated his campaign promises to provide health care for all and to leave Medicaid alone.

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It's "a big, complicated subject", and it's "hard to pull together and hard to pass", McConnell said, though he's "optimistic we're going to get to a result that's better than the status quo".

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