Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort registers as foreign agent

Former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort has submitted foreign agent paperwork for his dealings in Ukraine

On Tuesday, 27 June, Manafort registered with the Justice Department conceding that he took part in political consulting for Ukrainian politicians on how to interact with USA government officials.

Manafort's firm received a total of $17.1 million for his work on behalf of the party, including $12.1 million in 2012, $4.5 million in 2013 and $500,000 in early 2014 before Yanukovych fled the country.

Manafort served as Trump's campaign chairman from March 2016 to August 2016, but he was forced to resign as he came under increasing scrutiny for his past work consulting for Kremlin-backed former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

Manafort resigned from the campaign in August 2016, following reports by the New York Times that his name had appeared in a ledger found in Kiev detailing millions of dollars in under-the-table payments from the Party of Regions.

It is the latest chapter in the long-running saga connecting senior Trump officials and Russian Federation.

Whether or not Donald Trump had explicit business dealings himself, with Russia or Russian agents, the curious fact remains that an unusually large number of his campaign associates did. (Yanukovych fled to Russian Federation after he was ousted as president in 2014.) Manafort was required by federal law to register as a foreign agent for the work, but did not do so until this week. The completed form which was submitted to the Ministry of justice Manafort, it follows that in 2012-2013, his firm, for example, wrote the election program for the Party of regions, implement the campaign strategy, develop party platform and conducted an worldwide election observation.

Mr. Maloni has previously said that Mr. Manafort has asked for and followed guidance from authorities on how to appropriately account for his lobbying work. Viktor Yanukovych, the Ukrainian president while Manafort was working in Ukraine and the leader of that party, fled the country for Russian Federation in 2014 amid protests against his government's close ties to the country.

The filing shows that Manafort and his business associate Rick Gates, who also worked for the Trump campaign, gave "strategic counsel and advice to members of the Party of Regions regarding their interaction with USA government officials and other Western influential persons to advance the goal of greater political and economic integration between the Ukraine and the West".

Special counsel Bob Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling in the US election and the Trump's campaign possible involvement includes both men, who have received - but have yet to cooperate with - congressional subpoenas.

Manafort's filing is the first time he acknowledged his lobbying work for Ukraine's former president was aimed at influencing US policy makers and journalists, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Manafort's filing also acknowledges its advisory role to Brussels-based nonprofit the Centre for a Modern Ukraine.

A White House spokeswoman didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

The emails show Gates directing lobbyists from Washington firm Mercury LLC to set up meetings between a top Ukrainian official and senators and congressmen on influential committees involving Ukrainian interests.

Chad Day and Jeff Horwitz are writers for the Associated Press.

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