"Pretty Little Liars" stars describe tonight's finale in five words

Pretty Little Liars Lucas Gottesman

However, there will be one character that won't be seen in the final episode.

The showrunner teased to Entertainment Tonight this week that we can expect to see some famous faces back for the finale, titled "Til Death Do Us Part", but admitted that fan favourite Jason DiLaurentis will not be back on our screens one last time. "We all have always loved doing that on the show". After the final scenes have played out and the series finale comes to a close, the party begins as Freeform sends its longest-running drama off in fashion with the help of the stars and producers that helped to make the show so special!

But it's not all romance. We got a lot out of this experience, but I would have been nothing without you. Finally, while she couldn't say much, she did say that the long-awaited reveal of big bad A.D., is "insane". Marlene did, however, tell the actor playing A.D. that they were A.D. once she knew.

And though King has said she and the writers have known how they were going to end the show for two years now, they've kept tonight's series finale a heavily guarded secret. The show airs on Freeform at 8:00 p.m. ET and can be stream through the channel's app or website.

But just in case fans missed some of these clues, the show will feature a flashback of A.D.'s presence throughout the entire run of "Pretty Little Liars".

The last ever episode of Pretty Little Liars airs at 8/7c on Freeform in the U.S. on Tuesday and Netflix in the United Kingdom on Wednesday.

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