Authorities: Texas mom left 2 kids in hot car as punishment

Texas mom arrested after 2 children die in hot car during ‘lesson

Randolph was arrested on Friday for two counts of causing injury to a child.

Authorities said Randolph initially told officers that she had been folding laundry in the house while her children played outside.

The 25-year-old told investigators she'd been trying to teach her two-year-old daughter a lesson when she refused to come out of the auto when she was called. She said she thought her daughter would be able to open the auto door and get out whenever she and her brother wanted to leave the vehicle.

She said she then went back into the home, smoked marijuana and slept for two to three hours.

But she changed her story over the course of several police interviews, finally admitting on Saturday (local time) she left them in the vehicle intentionally.

A mother has been charged over the deaths of her two young children after she locked them in a auto, and left them there. "No more than an hour", she immediately said.

Around 4:30 p.m., medical responders who had arrived pronounced her children dead.

Randolph initially told cops she found two-year-old Juliet and 16-month-old Cavanaugh passed out in the locked auto outside their home near Lake Weatherford, so she smashed the window to get them out. She told the Parker County police she had wanted to teach her daughter a lesson for disobeying her.

In a story June 23 about a woman charged in the deaths of her two children found inside a hot vehicle, The Associated Press reported an incorrect age for her.

On Friday, the Texas Rangers and a Dallas-based senior federal special agent conducted an interview with Randolph, where she implicated herself in the deaths of her children.

She said she then broke the vehicle window to corroborate her initial story.

A 16-month-old boy was also left in the vehicle, which likely reached a temperature of nearly 100 degrees while both children were inside. She said that she broke the window in an attempt to rescue her children and called 911.

No bond has been set yet in her case.

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