Gaddafi's son Saif al Islam is released from prison in Libya

Gaddafi's son Saif al Islam is released from prison in Libya

A statement by the captors, the Abu Bakr al-Siddiq Battalion, said Seif al-Islam was released on Friday, but gave no details on his whereabouts.

Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, a son of Libya's former leader Muammar Gaddafi, has been released from prison by an armed group in the country's western city of Zintan.

"We chose to release Saif al-Islam Gaddafi".

Libya remains politically divided after six years of conflicts with two competing parliaments and governments, one based in Tripoli and the other in the eastern port city of Tobruk.

Days later in November 2011, Seif al-Islam, whose name means sword of Islam, was arrested by an armed group and held in their northern hilltop stronghold of Zintan southwest of Tripoli.

"Saif is now among his uncles and relatives in al-Bayda and will soon deliver a speech to the Libyan people", the daily said.

Rival groups and militias have been vying for control of Libya ever since, with the authorities in the east not recognising the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) based in the capital.

Gaddafi is also wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity committed during unsuccessful attempts to suppress the 2011 unrest. The Zintani militia refused to comply with the court verdict.

Born on June 25, 1972, Seif al-Islam is the second of Kadhafi's eight children, the eldest son of his second wife Safiya.

In July 2016, Saif al-Islam's lawyers claimed that their client had been released under an amnesty issued by the unrecognised authorities in the east of the country. The trial, however, has been criticised for alleged irregularities.

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