Congressman calls for Trump's impeachment on House floor

Donald Trump, the most-unlikely and least-liked president in the history of the United States, had barely celebrated his first 100 days when calls for his impeachment started flying faster than Anthony Weiner dick pics at a Girl Scout cookout.

Outside of Washington, the impeachment question is raging in Democratic races.

"It's a problem in terms of understanding the threat from ISIS to our aviation, but it's also a problem if we're getting insights from other allies about what North Korea's doing and they have some concern about whether we're sharing it with countries that may have a very different interest than themselves", he said. Correcting voter error is not what the 25th Amendment is for, and his voters would reasonably feel their judgment had been overridden in a way that is inconsistent with American constitutional norms - the ones we hope to retain after Trump's presidency ends.

"Political punters are wondering how many more scandals can Trump overcome", said Ladbrokes spokeswoman Jessica Bridge. Ultimately, the Senate impeachment vote was one vote short of the two-thirds majority required to remove Johnson from office. This is a devastating poll for Trump. Apart From ImpeachTrumpNow, Who Else Are Talking About Donald Trump's Impeachment?

President Richard Nixon resigned on August 8, 1974, after three articles of impeachment were drafted charging him with obstruction of justice, abuse of power and contempt of Congress. At this moment, there are many Republicans who are beginning to realize that Trump could be impeached. Republican congressman Justin Amash recently told The Hill that if reports were true about Trump pressurizing James Comey for the ongoing FBI's investigation, it would merit impeachment. The results of an investigation into the charges are presented to the House Judiciary Committee. "Obstruction of justice in the case of Nixon, in the case of Clinton in the late 90s, has been considered an impeachable offense".

The Russian leader also mocked the idea that Trump had shared secrets during the Oval Office meeting, calling the allegations "political schizophrenia".

A US congressman has called for the impeachment of Donald Trump, accusing the President of obstruction of justice. "I think one of the plans the Never Trumpers have if he wins is to impeach him", the radio host said. For the good of democracy, don't you see, the Republicans must not only be kicked to the curb in the 2018 midterms, but the president himself must be thrown into the street, just like he once tried to evict that old lady from her house in Atlantic City! And that includes the President of the United States of America'. In simple words - Congress must have enough evidence that justifies the above-mentioned clause. Those contacts are now part of the FBI's counterintelligence investigation.

Still, other Republicans were standing by their man. "Let's not panic here", congressman James Comer said.

Republicans must join Democrats in insisting that the president cooperate with Mueller's investigation and the two inquiries led by the House and Senate intelligence committees.

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