Everything you need to know about fidget spinners — FTW Explains

Everything you need to know about fidget spinners — FTW Explains

"I don't see any harm of them playing with the toys; though I do notice that the ring (of the Fidget Spinner) does gather rust over time". Similar toys fads include troll dolls, super balls, Rubik's cubes, Beanie Babies and jelly bracelets.

Fidget spinners have been flying off the shelves across the United Kingdom, with many retailers selling out fast as more youngsters and even adults become desperate to get their hands on them. The result is supposed to be relaxing and satisfying, and really good spinners can keep going for minutes at a time.

Cindy O'Hara owns two Learning Express franchises near Atlanta.

Fidget spinners! They're these little toys you can hold between your fingers and spin. "This weekend we sold over 200 spinners alone". The marketing materials for the silicone goo are rather vague about its intended use - "infinite creative possibilities!" - but the appeal to a 13-year-old is obvious: more than 40 colors, plus the premium "effects": magnets, hypercolor, liquid glass, glow in the dark, and so on.

Fidget spinners are available in stores and online. Even so, she aptly had named it the "spinning toy". Several area principals said the fidget spinner craze hasn't become a problem.

How does it help kids with ADHD?

They come in different designs, Batman shaped, glow in the dark and are selling for anywhere between $10 to $100 dollars. Thus "fidget toys" were born. Taylor-Klaus is the co-founder of ImpactADHD, a coaching service for children with attention disorders and their parents. What wasinitially met with curiosity and nearly disapproval, simply became a "must-try" sort of situation and eventually a "must-buy" one after they tried spinning the fidget for a few times to see how it feels. Stories from all over the country - and the world - have been cropping up that this school or that school have banned fidget spinners from classrooms.

Unfortunately, most educators (including myself) are not buying it. "They were allowed for 30 minutes during a math lesson or maybe while they are writing an essay".

They'll just fidget with something else. If it is always out and always in their hand, it can shift from tool to toy.

What do parents and kids think?

He added the shop is "on top" of the high demand for fidget spinners.

Christine Ouimet, 33, of Attleboro and mother of three, recently uploaded a video on Facebook of her son showing off some of his talented fidget spinning tricks. We can't do that; it becomes a thing.

The toy has already been banned in a school Salford and seems that Dunfermline High School has now burst the bubble too.

Teachers however are less impressed with the craze, with some schools banning the spinners claiming they distract students from their work.

"You can be really discreet about it", he says. They work by giving the person using it an item to direct their energy at and helps them focus on the task in hand.

A teacher at RESA Middle School, Jessica Berg, says she does not allow the toys in her classroom. Fidgets also should be part of a much larger discussion, she said, about managing behavior in classrooms and what the school day looks like for children. They are often marketed to adults as well as children. "People just find it calming".

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