Amazon's $200 Echo Look will judge your outfits

Amazon's $200 Echo Look will judge your outfits

The main goal of the Echo Look is to help you with your style decisions, though - you stand in front of it, ask it to take a photo or video, and it'll quickly capture and send that data to your phone. However, a camera-equipped Echo is likely to raise new snooping concerns, especially if images are being processed by Amazon's algorithms to assess style choices.

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The $200 "Echo Look" oval-shaped device has LED lights, a high-definition camera, flash, speakers, depth sensors, and a voice-controlled camera that takes full-body photos, live photos or videos at your command. You can request your invitation right here.

"I thought the Amazon Echo itself was somewhat of a trojan horse into the household refrigerator and pantry", RBC Capital Markets analyst Mark Mahaney told TheStreet. While it has a microphone and a speaker, the size of the Echo Look would suggest audio quality is on a par with the Echo Dot.

With the Look, take photos of two separate outfits and submit them to Style Check to see which flatters your figure better, which is more on-trend, and other suggestions on which outfit to choose for the day.

The new device is available by invite only to U.S. customers. The feature gives users recommendations of what looks well and compares outfits side by side.

But it can also complete standard voice assistant tasks such as providing weather updates, controlling smart home devices and playing music.

How Amazon is promoting it's Style Check feature that comes built into the Echo Look.

Echo Look's objective is niche-not everyone cares enough about their outfit to take photos each day, much less get advice from a virtual stylist. It also has video for seeing how you're dressed at every angle.

The technology is a part of Amazon's attempt to expand its fashion retail section.

Did Amazon just reinvent the closet?

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