Starbucks baristas beg you not to order the Unicorn Frappuccino

The new Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino is certainly colourful

I've been catching glimpses of the Unicorn Frappuccino's pink and blue glory posted all over social media, but something about the blue drink just brings me back to some bad experiences with Blue Hurricane cocktail mix (which is a story for another day).

Though derided by critics as "magical diabetes juice", the popular and brightly multicolored frappuccino ran out in Northwest Indiana nearly as soon as it was introduced on Wednesday; for instance, it was gone from the Hammond Starbucks on Indianapolis Boulevard by Wednesday night.

The limited-edition drink is thankfully only available until April 23, but it has certainly already had its five minutes of fame.

"Here at Starbucks, your enjoyment is our goal".

Other baristas have been taking to Twitter and Instagram to lament their unicorn-related woes.

Noticeably, the drink also has 59 grams of sugar, which is equivalent to about 15 teaspoons. The dusting powder on the top is a mix of sugar and food coloring. On Thursday, Perry shared an Instagram video of herself sipping the mango-based purple-and-blue drink, but spit it out it as it was just beginning to turn a bright shade of pink-its main trick.

"Please don't get it!" he said in the video, which has now been deleted from his account. "Well, I can assure you that posting Instagrams of your Unicorn Frap is not going to create any value for anyone". I have never made so many frappuccinos in my entire life!

In fact, not only is Burson not getting fired, but his boss reportedly wants to sit down with him to talk about his ideas and how Starbucks can improve their process for both customers and employees.

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