Car dragged along highway after collision with tractor-trailer

The driver said he's lucky to be alive after being dragged for four miles. (Source KCAL  KCBS  BRIAN STEIMKE  FACEBOOK

In the video, the man trapped inside the sedan can be heard pleading for help as he waves his arms out of the vehicle window.

The California Highway Patrol said the driver was not injured.

Other drivers honked their horns and someone finally got in front of the truck and stopped it.

Sometimes, however, drivers are so bad that one wonders how the fuck they ever got licensed to operate a motor vehicle in the first place.

Smoke and sparks flew Wednesday on a SoCal freeway when somehow a auto became wedged into the side of a transport truck.

A man traveling along a California freeway captured the shocking moment a auto that was wedged onto the back of a big rig was dragged miles down the road.

The two cars collided after a truck hauling 50,000 pounds of carrots was going up the pass and came upon an even slower-moving truck. Eventually, another driver got in front of the rig and forced the driver to stop.

The driver responded and asked, "so far?" Steimke said. "He's on your truck".

"What do you mean you didn't know, dude?" CHP said that the man showed no signs of impairments and he was allowed to leave the scene.

Brian Steimke was driving down I-15 freeway on Wednesday afternoon when he witnessed the burgundy Nissan Maxima stuck under the truck.

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