US intercepts 2 Russian bombers off Alaska's coast

Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via AP

The US military intercepted two Russian "Bear bombers" off the coast of Alaska.

It comes only hours after two long-range TU-95 Russian Bear bombers were detected around 160km from Kodiak Island when they flew into the Alaskan Air Defence Identification Zone.

A spokesperson for the Pentagon says the US, using two F-22 Raptor aircrafts, intercepted two Russian bombers off of Alaska's coast Monday, April 17. No U.S. aircraft were launched to meet them.

Russian bombers have neared the coast of Alaska for a second consecutive night as relations continue to worsen between the Kremlin and Donald Trump's administration. In response, the USA sent three aircraft in order to warn off the bombers: two F-22 stealth tactical fighters and one E-3 Sentry. "They were in global airspace the whole time".

"Right now we are not getting along with Russian Federation at all".

The mid-air incident comes just days after secretary of state Rex Tillerson said USA and Russian relations had reached a "low point".

F-22 fighter planes and an AWAKS aircraft escorted Monday two strategic Tu-95 aircraft several tens of kilometers from Alaska.

This is the second time since 2015 that Russian warplanes have approached USA airspace near Alaska.

As we noted yesterday, the Tu-95 is a 1950s-era turboprop plane - the only propeller-powered strategic bomber now in service.

In February, the USS Porter had three run-ins with Russian aircraft in the Black Sea.

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