Brady's White House Absence Questioned After Gisele Deletes Tweet

Brady's White House Absence Questioned After Gisele Deletes Tweet

President Donald Trump slammed the New York Times Thursday for posting images contrasting the New England Patriots' 2015 and 2017 White House Super Bowl celebrations.

The tweet from The Times sports account appeared to show more attendees at the 2015 Super Bowl celebration with President Barack Obama than at yesterday's ceremony with Trump.

The team responded on its Twitter account a few hours later that the Times' photos "lack context" because the 2015 picture includes more than 40 staff while staff were seated on the South Lawn for the latest pic.

Apparently the photos were misleading.

There is some speculation that Tom Brady bailed on the White House visit - perhaps prompted by wife and Trump foe Giselle Bundchen - because he wants to avoid any backlash in celebrity circles where President Trump is very unpopular, even though the president regularly mixed with celebrities during his long, pre-politics career in the media spotlight. They also chalked the lower player attendance up to the fact that they have won two Super Bowls in three years, noting that less players came the last time the team won a second championship in three seasons, too.

But the turnout for Trump's congratulatory event on Wednesday was roughly the same size as when the Pats visited the White House following back-to-back titles in 2004-05, the spokesman said.

But the celebrity web side reported Trump felt "betrayed" by Brady's absence, and made no mention of him at the White House event.

Notable by his absence was Tom Brady, the Super Bowl MVP and President Trump's longtime pal who released a last-minute statement that he was unable to attend because of unspecified family reasons.

Trump noted the kerfuffle and tweeted about the New York Times on Thursday morning.

New England has now visited the White House five times after winning the Lombardy Trophy. Both those visits were when George W. Bush was president.

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