Russian Federation on 'wrong side' of Syria argument, Theresa May says

As Tillerson was carrying a message from world powers to Moscow denouncing Russian support for Syrian regime leader Assad, the White House released a report accusing Russia of trying to shield Syria's regime from blame for last week's deadly gas attack. He also said that Putin had agreed to reactivate a U.S.

"Every administration tries to improve relations, but there is a very basic fundamental fact: Across the geopolitical chessboard the US and Russian Federation have fundamentally very different interests", said Harry Kazianis, a senior fellow for defense policy at the Center for the National Interest, a Washington think tank advocating "realistic" foreign policy. However, the action Mr. Trump took was proportional, with the missile targeting a single airfield that was linked to the chemical-weapons use.

At the press conference, Trump, who frequently called for warmer ties with Putin during his presidential election campaign, defended his decision to launch 59 missiles at the Syrian airbase in response to the alleged chemical attack the United States has said the Syrian government should be blamed for. Lavrov also said Moscow was ready to revive an air safety agreement in Syria. It sees Russian Federation attempting to undermine North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and European Union unity, supporting violent separatist insurgencies in Georgia and Ukraine, and propping up a leader in Syrian President Bashar Assad who is responsible for a civil war that has killed hundreds of thousands of people. "No", Trump said. But, he added, "I see them using gas. we have to do something".

The comments come as Russian Federation vetoed a motion in the United Nations to condemn a poison gas attack believed to be launched by Bashar al-Assad's forces that killed 87 people last week. Apparently, Russian President Vladimir Putin opted to stay out of it in order to have room to maneuver. Tillerson was greeted frostily in the Russian capital as officials began their meeting Wednesday by demanding to know America's "real intentions".

Trump's relations with Russian Federation are also a domestic issue, as US intelligence agencies have accused Moscow of using computer hacking to intervene in the USA presidential election to help Trump win. Russian Federation has seen the same pictures that we all saw just days ago in this chamber.

"To my colleagues from Russian Federation - you are isolating yourselves from the global community every time one of Assad's planes drop another barrel bomb on civilians and every time Assad tries to starve another community to death", U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told 15-member Security Council. She also excoriated the United Nations for essentially standing by and taking no action to prevent the continued slaughter in Syria, stating, "Month after month we all repeat the same points in this chamber".

Earlier Russia's President Vladimir Putin rejected allegations that Syria was behind the chemical attack, saying Syria had given up its chemical stockpile.

"As for my impression from the talks, taking into account all the current issues, both objective and artificial, the possibilities for cooperation remain open", Lavrov said.

"Are we going to get involved with Syria?" But any such expectations have crashed into reality amid the nasty back-and-forth over Syria and ongoing USA investigations into Russia's alleged interference in America's US presidential election.

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