ISIL Uses Mustard Gas against Iraqi Army Unit With US: Australian Experts

Islamic State militants used a chemical in an attack on Iraqi forces in Mosul over the weekend, and the agent has been sent for testing to try to identify it, the US general commanding coalition ground forces in Iraq said on Wednesday.

According to the Iraqi central command, a number of Islamic State's militants have taken advantage of the displacement movement from the ISIS-held areas in Mosul towards recently liberated areas. Last March, Kurdish officials claimed Peshmerga forces were injured from a chlorine gas attack when an ISIS suicide bomber detonated a truck filled with gas canisters.

The Pentagon, however, has "not confirmed exposure at this time", for the US forces present.

Twenty five Iraqi soldiers required medical treatment after their unit was hit with a mustard agent fired from an ISIS rocket on Sunday, according to CBS News.

Gen. Martin also declined to confirm whether American, allied and Iraqi forces in eastern Mosul were taking additional precautions to defend against future chemical attacks.

Maj. Gen. Joseph Martin, the commander of coalition ground forces in Iraq, says Iraqi forces were treated after a strike in western Mosul.

Allawi said he got the information on Monday from Iraqi and regional contacts knowledgeable about Iraq.

USA officials initially reported a mortar strike in September near US positions in the vicinity of a military airfield in the western part of al Qayyara, about 40 miles south of Mosul, had shown evidence of a chemical agent akin to mustard gas. Another case of using chemical weapons in Mosul by ISIL terrorists was reported in March.

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