Trump congratulates Turkey's Erdogan on referendum win

Anti-government protesters take part in a demonstration at the Besiktas district in Istanbul

President Erdogan and his supporters say the "Turkish style" presidential system will bring stability and prosperity in a country rattled by last year's coup attempt and a series of devastating attacks by the so-called Islamic State group and Kurdish militants. "Those concerns include observed irregularities on voting day and an uneven playing field during the hard campaign period, which took place under a state of emergency", the State Department said in a statement.

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said that reintroducing capital punishment would be "synonymous with the end of the European dream".

The referendum allows the Islamist-leaning president to have the power to dissolve Turkey's parliament and have control over his country's judiciary.

Monitors from the Council of Europe said that journalists seen as hostile to the referendum had been jailed, while unfriendly media outlets were closed by the Erdogan government.

The president's ruling AK party argues that Turkey's current fragile economic and security situation needs strong leadership.

MS. Shinas also noted that if Turkey were to reinstate the death penalty, which Mr. Erdogan has shown willingness for, the country's prospects of joining the European Union would be over.

The "Yes" camp won 51.41 percent in Sunday's referendum.

The primary opposition complaint is that, as voting was under way, Turkey's election board made a decision to accept ballots that were not stamped with an official seal, in contravention of the law.

The criticism by the European observers went far beyond the voting irregularities, though, and was more broadly critical of the government's conduct in the run-up to the referendum.

As huge crowds of supporters celebrated on the streets, Mr Erdogan praised Turkey for taking a "historic decision".

An global electoral monitoring mission from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe also reported a series of irregularities, and said the electoral board decision undermined safeguards against fraud.

Germany said on Monday the close result in Turkey›s referendum on expanding Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan›s powers was a big responsibility for him to bear and showed how divided Turkish society was.

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