President of India inaugurates first NIMCARE World Health Day Summit 2017

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WHD 2017 is the highlight of a year-long campaign which seeks to raise awareness of depression and encourage those who are suffering with it to seek and get help.

These numbers are released ahead of World Health Day on April 7 which is themed, "Depression: Let's Talk" and aims to mobilise action on depression.

"The continuing stigma associated with mental illness was the reason why we chose to name our campaign, Depression: let's talk", said Dr Shekhar Saxena, director of the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse at WHO.

Cambodians lack awareness of depression and have negative views of people with mental illnesses in comparison with other countries in the region, according to a Health Ministry report. At worst, World Health Organization adds, depression can lead to suicide, now the second leading cause of death among 15- to 29-year-olds.

WHO-Western Pacific Region Director Shin Young-soo stressed that people should talk openly and honestly about depression to break down fear and stigma and prevent its fatal outcome - suicide. According to the reports of World Health Organization, around 322 million are living with depression across the globe, and the number is increased by 18% (between 2005 and 2015) to 20% (present). Depression is an illness in which people feel overwhelming sadness, lose interest in activities they enjoy, and find it hard to carry out daily tasks. PHCC Health Centers are the first point of contact for patients with common mental health problems like depression.

On the occasion of the World Health Day, an enlightening play was performed here today to fight the superstitions and stigma surrounding depression - the leading cause of disability and ill health worldwide.

"People are seeking help nowadays". She complimented India for its recent legislation that decriminalises suicide and seeks to provide health care and services for persons with mental health conditions.

A very few people actually know that Depression is a health condition and not just a state of mind. With proper care, psychosocial assistance and medication, millions of people in the Region with depression could begin to lead normal lives, even where resources are scarce. Now, more psychiatrics are recommending those who went into depression, apart from giving anti-depressant medicines, to go out and interact with friends and family.

According to Moeti, simply talking about depression can help prevent it by breaking down stigma. Usually we see politicians talk about politics, but the Prime Minister made a decision to dwell on depression during his last Mann ki Baat programme.

The GN suggests that if you are feeling depressed, don't be afraid to ask a family member, an elder or someone you trust for help.

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