Michael Keaton Eyeing Villain Role In Tim Burton's Dumbo

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Colin Farrell is now in talks to star alongside Eva Green and Danny DeVito.

When Tim Burton and Michael Keaton last worked together, it was on 1992's Batman Returns where Keaton starred in the film as the titular superhero, also known as Bruce Wayne.

Although it still doesn't have a confirmed release date, Disney is fast putting together the cast for it's planned, live-action take on Dumbo. The part was initially offered to Tom Hanks, from what we understand, and when he passed, the studio went to the Birdman star.

The Wrap is now reporting that Keaton is also in talks to join the live-action remake as the villain. He was asked to play the children who befriend Dumbo's father.

Ehren Kruger penned the script. Justin Springer, who worked on "Tron: Legacy", is producing with Kruger.

To those unfamiliar with the story, Dumbo is about a circus elephant who was ostracized by the rest of the circus because of his ridiculously huge ears. If the actor signs on, he would play the new owner of the circus, which he acquired from DeVito's character in order to exploit the lovable elephant and his mother. It seems that, if nothing else, this movie may reunite Burton with Michael Keaton. Other actors who may enlist for the production include Colin Farrell and Eva Green. The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast have just been added to the list very recently.

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