'Jane the Virgin' Taps 'Teen Wolf' Star Tyler Posey for Arc

Tyler Posey Teen Wolf

Not many details, but Posey will play someone from Jane's past.

"Jane The Virgin" airs at 9pm EST on Mondays on The CW. The comic drama - which aired episode 15 on 27 March - is now on a hiatus, and will not be airing any new episodes for the next two weeks. Jane the Virgin is one of seven CW shows that received an early pickup in January.

According to Deadline, the Teen Wolf star will be playing "someone from Jane's past", but that's all we got right now.

Jane's life is set to take a dramatic turn as Teen Wolf heartthrob Tyler Posey too joins the cast in an integral role.

Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) will be surrounded by people she loves in the upcoming Jane the Virgin season finale.

Rafael Solano (Justin Baldoni), meanwhile, is not likely to be Posey's character's competition for Jane's heart. Since Rafael (Justin Baldoni) is now wrapped up in his feelings for Petra (Yael Grobglas), a new guy - even if he's from the past - could be a potential romantic interest for Jane.

But as the narrator said, "The first was. actually, I'm not ready to introduce him yet". He will make his first appearance in the May 22 Season 3 finale and is slated to return for the already-ordered Season 4. It should give Posey a chance to show off a completely new side, and on a show with a devoted fan following, no less.

Tyler Posey has lined up his next small screen role. In any case, the fans of Teen Wolf can rejoice since after the end of the series this summer, they will have the pleasure to see again Tyler Posey from the beginning of the school year ...

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