Galaxy S8: More screen and elegance, but a hefty price tag

Apart from the reddish tint issue, the Galaxy S8 has been hit by complaints from consumers about the use of its Bixby button being limited only to the operation of the voice assistant. First off, we have the Galaxy Note 7 flop that set the world on fire, leaving Samsung with quite a lot to make up for with its next-generation Note flagship. After the development work to launch an improvement of Button Mapper, the developer said that his creation no longer works on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Supposed to be a pure white display, the Samsung Galaxy S8 phones have a reddish tint on the screen. The device goes on sale in U.S., South Korea and Canada on Friday.

A quick scan of the dozens of Galaxy S8 reviews that were published on Tuesday morning reveals plenty of headlines filled with steep praise.

Patently Apple reports that "the reddish tint may be caused by a color balance problem after Samsung used deep red AMOLED to strengthen the red", according to an unidentified industry watcher. Through a firmware update, Samsung has blocked the ability to reconfigure the Bixby button. Samsung's Bixby is deeply integrated into apps, which makes it "fundamentally different" from Siri and Cortana is what the company claims. It would arrive sometime later this spring. For example, I didn't get any real sense of how effective Bixby, the company's new voice assistant, worked in conversation - demonstration halls are notoriously noisy.

In an over-the-air update, Samsung has blocked the use of the button for anything other than Bixby. Samsung needs to enhance the capabilities of its AI assistant if it wants to catch up with rivals.

Earlier this week, before the official Samsung Galaxy S8 commercial was launched, the Korean tech firm has reportedly prevented the Bixby button on its new flagship from being remapped to perform other functions. Samsung made a few announcements highlighting just how impressive pre-sales have been in its home country of South Korea, and now a new report from a reputable site states that a major milestone has been surpassed.

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