Dodgers Immortalize Jackie Robinson at Dodgers Stadium

But in lauding Robinson for breaking the color barrier and acknowledging how his entry into baseball changed the sport forever, white players and fans are forced to confront the virtues of opening their arms to people who are are different from them.

The "Nightline" interview was part of a show that was meant to recognize the 40th anniversary of Robinson's groundbreaking first major league game and examine his legacy.

While the number he wore, number 42, has always been special and acknowledged throughout the Majors Leagues, especially since Jackie Robinson's induction to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962, the day has only been celebrated since 2004. It depicts Robinson stealing home and is located in the left field entrance of Dodger Stadium.

"It was wonderful", Sharon Robinson said, "to share that with Mom". It will be unveiled Saturday on the 70th anniversary of his debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

FILE - In this 1962 file photo, former baseball player Jackie Robinson and his wife, Rachel, pose in their CT home in 1962.

The Robinson statue is the first in what president and CEO Stan Kastan plans to be a series of sculptures honoring Dodgers greats. Jackie Robinson, as well as Lary Doby, who debuted with the Cleveland Indians in the American League in July of 1947, gave hope not only kids who now believed they had a chance to make it to the big leagues.

Robinson is honored every April with ceremonies throughout baseball. It's one of baseball's most beloved and important traditions.

While a number of Robinson statues exist around the country, including those at UCLA and Pasadena, where he was born and raised, none had been commissioned by the Dodgers, until now.

Workers install a bronze statue of Dodgers legend Jackie Robinson outside Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. I often ask myself if I could have done what he did - played under that much pressure - and I don't think I could have.

"I've educated my son about Jackie Robinson".

"I'm more happy because of his statue than the two I've got", Johnson said. He won the World Series with the Dodgers in 1955. "Jackie Robinson showed us you can stand up, be strong and be respected, and play great ball under tremendous pressure". In fact, Robinson has been rewritten as an apolitical hero we can all rally around (ignoring more complicated aspects of his ideology), so praising him is the opposite of a radical position.

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