Surrender or be killed - Coalition tells ISIS

Amid reports that operations were slowing down or stalled in the western half of Mosul after mass civilian casualties in March, spokesperson for the operations, Brigadier General Yahya Rasul issued a denial.

The extremists were driven out of the eastern half of Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, in January.

"The Iraqi Security Forces continue their advance but it's very, very hard and it's just going to remain so for awhile", Dorrian added. "They have broken the back of these IS supporters in the north, south, and east of Baghdad".

As the situation turns increasingly dire for ISIS in Mosul, the group has moved away from executing deserters because of a shortage of fighters.

The Iraqi Directorate of Military Intelligence announced on Friday that a number of key Isis figures had been killed alongside al-Badrani in al-Rifai district.

Army First Lieutenant Nayef al-Zubaidi, for his part, told Anadolu Agency that Iraqi security forces had received numerous appeals from civilian residents of IS-held areas to refrain from targeting homes being used by the terrorist group to carry out attacks.

"This enemy in Mosul is not going anywhere", he said, later adding, "They're not going to be able to leave to the west; they are cut off. ..."

One worker at the morgue knows the scale of Islamic State's two and half year killing spree better than most.

The progress in the old city center is much slower than the early phases of the offensive after the troops restricted the use of bombs and increased sniper fire against terrorist militants holed up in densely populated old city center.

Any addition of more USA ground troops to Syria will likely be far more controversial now, as the U.S. attacked Syrian government targets just last week, and the administration continues to talk up the idea that further attacks could happen in the near future.

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