New Texas Longhorns head football coach takes players' urine seriously

Urine sample containers are called botes. #TheMoreYouKnow    
   Daniel Lobo

Last week, Texas coach Tom Herman gave us the gif that will keep on giving whenever anything goes wrong during his tenure with the Longhorns. However, this one may take the cake (no pun intended).

After Tuesday's spring practice, a reporter asked Herman about a hydration chart he came across during his visit to the restroom at the university's athletic center. Although an admirable pursuit, I'm not so sure that the signs are necessary.

Herman explained hydration is much like a steak, and that his theory is backed by studies of injuries caused by dehydration.

New lockers are unfreakingbelievable.

Texas football coach Tom Herman said the today was the first day everybody's urine tested as fully hydrated.

But Herman acknowledged Buechele's experience at the college level has allowed him to grasp things more quickly during the team's installation of its new offense.

The reveal comes a week after Texas Football's Twitter account posted a video of Herman and his players beginning construction by taking a sledgehammer to the old lockers.

That settles it, I guess. But, to get to a championship level, there has to be buy-in, maximum effort, and execution.

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